Why Dubai?

Do you know that More than 29,000 students are currently enrolled in courses in Dubai?

With 34 foreign higher education institutions in Dubai, one in four students attends one of these universities from abroad. Leading Dubai daily newspaper Khaleej Times reported that in 2022, enrollment at international higher education institutions increased by 3.6% annually, with over 29,000 students enrolled in 600 different university programs.
One of the cosmopolitan cities in the world is thought to be Dubai. Being the entrance to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, it has one of the UAE region’s fastest-growing economies. Dubai is the most populated of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, home to more than 3 million people. About 85% of the population is non-Emirates, with Indians making up the largest group.

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Why Choose Dubai?

Top-ranking International Universities

Career Opportunities

Easy Admission Policy.


Booming Job Market

Top Universities


Leading IT companies and media outlets including Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, IBM, HP, BBC, CNN, and Sky News are known to call Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City home. E-commerce, Digital Marketing Specialists, Business Development & Sales, Education, and Engineering & Technology are the top industries/jobs to watch in Dubai.
Dubai, the second-richest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, is regarded as the main commercial gateway for Middle Eastern and African nations. The tourism industry is the main driver of this economy’s growth, but Dubai is quickly becoming a hub for service sectors including finance and information technology. 

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Life of an International Student in Dubai:

Dubai has been ranked as the third-best city in the world for foreigners to live and work. Compared to other well-known cities, the cost of living is quite cheap and there is no income tax.
Due to its low crime rate and safe environment, Dubai provides international students with an excellent standard of living. Personal income, corporate earnings, dividends, and interest on savings are all exempt from taxation. According to the ranking, it is the fourth-best city to move to.
It delivers the highest standard of living, well international education university, Dubai ranks fourth in terms of consumer spending power. Dubai is a luxurious metropolis with well-planned areas and plenty of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

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Why Choose Dubai

  1. Top-ranking International Universities

  2. Multiple Career Opportunities

  3. Easy Admission Policy.

  4. Availability of Scholarships

  5. Easy Admission Policy.

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