Why Hungary?

Do you that International students can earn double degrees at many universities through joint degree programs in Hungary?

Hungary’s oldest university was established in 1367, and for more than 650 years, it has been a symbol of intellectual brilliance. Hungary currently has 65 institutions of higher learning. More than 500 courses in English, German, French, and other languages are available at Hungarian institutions. When compared to its competitors, the tuition prices are highly favorable and the foreign language programs are of a high caliber. Students can complete an Erasmus internship in Hungary to integrate their academic studies with professional experience. Hungary offers reasonably priced living expenses and tuition when compared to most other European countries. Students can obtain a nine-month PSW visa after completing their degree.

Why Choose Hungary?

High quality education

Affordable tuition fees

Modern and safe country

Vibrant Lifestyle

Language Opportunities

Top Universities


Hungary’s entry into the EU in 2004 brought in a large number of foreign businesses, which greatly increased job prospects. Among the main sectors with good futures for both locals and foreigners are the IT industry, manufacturing, tourism, and healthcare.
Budapest, the country’s stunning capital, is a hub of refinement and romance with a vibrant culture that makes it an ideal place to find employment. Hungary has a wide range of employment opportunities, from successful startups to large multinationals.

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Life of an International Student in Hungary:

International students will find Hungary to be a stimulating, varied, and secure place to study.  Education in Hungary for international students has a lot to offer, including excellent universities, a good standard of living, and affordable prices. Hungary is located at the intersection of Central and Eastern Europe, and while it is significantly different from its neighbors, it has many of the charms of both regions. Poetry, literature, folklore, classical music, and other fields are all influenced by Hungary’s rich cultural heritage. Hungary is a rather tiny nation but has a lot to offer tourists, from rolling hills and ancient castles to the architectural and cultural treasures of Budapest, the nation’s capital.

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Why Choose Hungary

  1. High quality education

  2. Affordable tuition fees

  3. Modern and safe country

  4. Vibrant Lifestyle

  5. Language Opportunities

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