Why Italy?

Do you know that Italy is the home to some of the oldest universities in the world? 

Italy has a well-deserved reputation as the center of higher education in Europe, and the QS Ranking 2021 lists 40 of its outstanding universities as members. But Italy offers more than just world-class education; there is also mouthwatering cuisine, stunning museums, and, most crucially, abundant job prospects. Living expenses and education are reasonably priced in Italy. Research and science are taught with great fluency in Italian in courses related to architecture, arts, design, and fashion. The Italian educational system is distinct in that it places a strong emphasis on real-world experience and experiential learning. Internships, research projects, and hands-on training are all common course components that give students important exposure to the business world and chances for professional growth.

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Why Choose Italy?

The Standard of Education

Low Cost of Education

Life-Changing Experience

Travel Opportunities

Career opportunities

Top University


ICT, retail, and business-related industries comprise Italy’s top employment sectors. Law, medicine, bank management, professorships, English language instruction, and other professions are among the most sought-after careers in Italy for Indian students.  
With the lowest tuition fees and few Italy free education scholarship for international students, it is a popular destination for over 30,000 students each year. It makes sense that these students will search for a full-time job in Italy as their main reason for traveling is to pursue higher education. A foreign student employed in Italy may earn an average of €13,000 to €38,000 per year.

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Life of an International Student in Italy:

Italy offers a vibrant and hospitable student community with lots of chances for friendship and social interaction. The majority of colleges have clubs and associations for their students, which plan a year’s worth of events, excursions, and activities. With a plethora of well-known sites, museums, and art galleries to discover, the nation is abundant in natural beauty, history, and culture. You may discover Italy and its neighboring European countries as a student by taking advantage of the many travel options offered.

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Why Choose Italy

  1. The Standard of Education

  2. Low Cost of Education

  3. Life-Changing Experience

  4. Travel Opportunities

  5. Career opportunities

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