For Students

We align your preferences with the finest offerings from our international colleges, as we prioritize your career objectives. Countless students are already pursuing their programs and goals at prestigious colleges worldwide, and we warmly invite you to join them! We provide end-to-end solutions for your foreign education dreams, making the journey easy for you.

You will greatly benefit from our coaching sessions to help you select the best academic option for your career aspirations.


  • – Providing advice focused on careers
  • – Emphasizing future-focused education and professions
  • – Engaging talks with representatives from universities

With the help of our qualified, experienced, and committed experts, we will effectively prepare you for your desired grades in all international exams such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT.


  • Expert guidance throughout the year
  • Score-focused seminars and practice exams
  • Interactive online classes

We assist you in selecting the course, college, and nation that best suits your academic, professional, and financial goals.


  • Make accurate choices on your education and job.
  • Comparison of universities: rankings, programs, and financial aid
  • Course options across 15+ universities

Edualliance provides step-by-step guidance for the complete study abroad university application process that includes the following key stages thus maximizing your chances of getting admission to the institution of your choice. Check our step-wise guide:

Step 1 – Expert Free Counseling

Step 2 – Identify Course, Country, and University

Step 3 – International Test Prep

Step 4 – Documentation

Step 5 – Application Process

Step 6 – Interview Preparation

Step 7 – Visa

Select the appropriate intake, apply wisely and on time to the courses and colleges that best suit you, and you’ll quickly hear from admissions officers or receive an offer.


  • Professional and precise applications
  • Superior resumes, LORs, and SOPs
  • Tracking applications in real-time and following up with colleges

We will assist you in locating and applying for the scholarships that best suit your needs from among the many offered by our international universities.


  • Updates about the newest and most valuable scholarships
  • Advice on “how” to submit a scholarship application
  • Support for scholarship essays and mock interviews

It’s now easier than ever to get an education loan to attend the university of your dreams! Let us help.


  • We have tie-ups with nationalized and authorized banks to make your loan process easy.  
  • Arrangements tailored to your university
  • Hassle-free documentation

Edualliance will never leave you midway through your journey


  1. Safe and comfortable accommodation options.
  2. We suggest different types of accommodations that fit your needs and budget

With an outstanding success rate for visas in all countries, to guarantee a successful visa outcome in the shortest amount of time, our knowledgeable visa professionals will assist you in preparing and presenting your visa documents to Embassies and High Commissions.


  • Financial Guidance and Documentation
  • Impeccable instructions for obtaining a visa
  • Mock interviews for visas

Edualliance will help you connect with well-known and reputed foreign exchange companies that offer prompt services and competitive exchange rates


  • Easy and hassle-free process

Living in a new country is definitely rewarding; however, sometimes it can be challenging. We will guide you to become well adjusted in a foreign country.


  • Assistance in booking flights well in advance to ensure ideal departure dates, routes, insurance, foreign exchange, mobile SIM cards, etc.
  • An updated list of travel essentials will also be provided to each student traveling abroad for education.
  • Edualliance has a huge alumni community to provide firsthand information to help in adapting to the new culture and environment.

Edualliance helps students connect with selected universities for airport pick-up abroad. We will provide you with end-to-end solutions and ensure you reach your destination safely.